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Intriguing ambient fragrances with notes of incense for the launch of the RRD - ROBERTO RICCI DESIGNS collection at Pitti Immagine Uomo - Florence

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  • Fragrances for the fashion industry - a challenge to overcome

    When the client is an international and famous fashion brand, a unique custom ambient fragrance for fashion project presents an interesting challenge for a contract manufacturer like M.L.G.

    Strict requirements regarding corporate and brand identity have to be matched with the final product. Details such as the printing color on the packaging, the quality of the materials and the overall design have to merge and be reflected in the scent.

    In this particular case, M.L.G. had to ensure an extremely short lead time together with an immovable delivery date as well, launching on the same date as the Pitti Uomo event. The custom-made, unique ambient fragrance was to be offered free of charge to RRD’s international clients and brand admirers, all passionate about the brand’s technical clothing and windsurf, kiteboard and sup/surf equipment.

  • Project requirements

    MLG was commissioned for a project with distinctive requirements, a typical case scenario when you work as a private label perfume manufacturer for the fashion industry.

    RRD requested an intriguing ambient fragrance with notes of incense to be offered as a freebie at this important fashion event.
    Fragrance bottle, packaging and label preferences were clearly defined at the start of the project with little room for further adjustments.

    The challenges here were not only the perfect execution of all project requirements but also the exceptionally short production lead time of the ambient fragrance.

Our solution: provide an impeccable fragrance and packaging

Pitti Immagine Uomo is an international brand, famous for their high-tech water sports equipment, masculine fashion, and design. Many buyers and operators from the fashion industry of all over the world come to visit its annual event in Florence and to admire their cutting-edge collections and trends. Overall, a perfect showcase for RRD to exhibit their innovative clothing which is the result of extensive researches on technical materials, originally designed for the world of aquatics sports. Passion for water sports was hence RRD’s initial driver to success while the company today is also highly popular for their technical, tailored-made fashion clothing.

Similarly, MLG shares the same values as RRD’s. Our perfume production follows consistent principles of artisanship and uniqueness. Moreover, we only use the highest quality raw materials to produce fragrances that leave, above all, a perpetual impression on the people that encounter the scent.

The ambient fragrance

The perfume of this ambient fragrance project included some intriguing notes of incense, a scent known for the ability to purify the air and inspire people’s heart, mind, and spirit. Consequently, people are induced to calmness and mediation, a more profound breathing and experience an improvement of their overall well-being.

Furthermore, the packaging of this fragrance project required a particular attention: the lettering on the packaging had the same color as RRD’s international brand: a solid fluorescent orange.
Roberto Ricci Design LogoIt is indispensable to select your suppliers carefully and ensure that they have the know-how to print the matching brand colors and obtain the desired effects on the packaging.

In the end, we reached a 100% satisfactory result for this fragrance project and are proud of having contributed to RRD’s extraordinary event at Pitti.

Olfactory marketing

Perfumes for fashion are certainly a unique opportunity for a clothing brand to engage with their customers. It allows them to enrich their product characteristics, like the tactile feeling or visual impact with captivating olfactive experiences for a more complete perception of quality and prestige.

Contact us for your perfume project and create the best scent for your brand. In addition, discover how your customers and your brand can benefit from enrichment and stimulation of the olfactive senses.

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