Delicate ambient perfumes for retail and furniture stores

The creation of delicate ambient perfumes for retail, the example of Dorelan stores.
A perfect way to combine olfactory marketing inside the point-of-sales with intriguing and stylish accessories for the living space to offer to your clients.

  • Olfactory emotions within the World of Dreams of Dorelan stores

    Dorelan stores are an emotional place where customers seek beds, mattresses, cushions, nets and accessories that meet the highest standards of comfort and well-being. The extremely elegant and welcoming atmosphere helps the visitors to relax and devote themselves, without hassle, to the choice of their bedroom furniture, the most intimate space in their home.

    Olfactory marketing plays an increasing role in building up a store or retail shops’ attractiveness. It becomes part of the store’s overall concept and increases the client’s well-being. Scent marketing
    improves customer’s royalty by conjuring vivid memories and emotions through fascinating odors.

    In fact, numerous scientific studies have proven that fragrances influence positively the customer’s mood during shopping: subconsciously people perceive the quality of the products more intensely, they associate it with prestige and spend more time in a store with a pleasant, olfactive atmosphere.

    In the case of Dorelan, the ambient scents have a twofold effect. They enrich the exhibition rooms with appealing ambient smells and create a memorable, positive brand message.

    At the same time, Dorelan offers a complete line of fascinating room perfumes, allowing customers to take part of their emotion, the olfactory one, at home, while waiting for the other Dorelan products to be delivered, like beds and mattresses, and furnishing accessories.

  • Project requirements

    The project assigned to us by Dorelan included a full-service for the development of several ambient perfumes. The fragrances were produced for various applications like reed diffuser sticks, scented candles, and ambient sprays in order to match the individual living styles of their customers.
    M.L.G. was in charge of the entire project, from the design and development of the perfumes to
    the production and assembly of the packaging.

    Dorelan is an international brand with a nation-wide sales network throughout Italy. Currently, there are already 76 franchising stores in addition to many other point-of-sales where their products are displayed to be purchased. The importance of their brand implies strict guidelines to be followed in terms of packaging and printing colors when it comes to fragrance creation.

Our solution: tailor-made room fragrances for highest well-being and comfort

Elegance of products offered, and the well-being of their customers are values that form the basis of Dorelan’s company. Every product sold within their brand, including ambient perfumes, has to embrace these principles and follow closely the company’s corporate identity requirements.

Overall, eight fragrances for the day or night zones were developed. All perfumes are delicate with
some distinctive notes – fresh and invigorating for the living space, relaxing and regenerating for
the sleeping area. The ambient perfumes diffuse an exquisite and persistent scent and beautify
homes with their reed stick diffuser, both in an olfactory and aesthetic way.

Scented candles were realized in addition to the collection, for a more intimate atmosphere. They bring a warm and cozy glow to any room and generate a pleasant mood with their delicate perfuming.
A practical ambient spray was added as an additional option. The spray can be transported easily from one room to the next and allows to perfume all spaces or wardrobes.

Many different scents and applications to transform Dorelan’s stores and people’s homes into comfortable and unique environments.

M.L.G. designs and produces each fragrance in Italy by following the principles that contributed to the success of Made-in-Italy world-wide: the love for tradition, the attention to every single detail, the pursuit of innovation and the passion for design. The same values that assisted Dorelan in becoming an indisputable leader in the bedding industry by inspiring millions of families in Italy and abroad.

It is a real pleasure to work with companies that share our values and ideas.
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