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The art of packaging luxury niche perfumes

For 50 years M.L.G. manufactures private label fragrances, luxury niche perfumes, and cosmetics. Italy, widely known for artisanship and love for tradition, has written the history of perfume design and has created fragrances appraised by the rest of the world for their uniqueness and creativity.

  • BOIS niche perfumes and M.L.G. - a long lasting relationship

    Bois 1920 is the brand that carries and expresses the passion of the Galardi family for the art of perfume making, passed on from generation to generation. A passion which inspires and enriches the perfume line, today composed by more than 30 fragrances. The attentiveness and the accurate research of raw materials merge tradition and innovation for the harmonious creation of unique and fascinating scent compositions.
    These characteristics inspire and shape the brand of BOttega Italiana Spigo 1920 (BOIS 1920) which over the years has acquired prestige within Italy and abroad.

    Thanks to their quality, elegance, and reputation, Bois 1920 was selected as one of the five best fragrance expressions at the FiFi Awards 2012 (the Oscars of perfumery) in New York.

    Bois Fine Perfume

    BOIS’ perfumes, unique and fascinating, have many admirers in Italy and abroad. Niche perfume lovers from America, Canada, Europe and Africa appreciate their olfactory characteristics and artistic bottle design.
    Luxury niche perfumes are created by artisan perfumers or workshops for clients who prefer to stand out from the masses, rare and unique scents to mainstream designer perfumes. These perfume lovers desire a fragrance able to enhance their personality when they wear their unique perfume.

    Extraordinary niche fragrances never go out of style, and just like art or classical music they are meant to stand the time. The creation itself is often the result of a long research on rare ingredients and complex productions processes.
    M.L.G.’s passion is connected and complemented by perfume workshops like BOIS with long-lasting collaboration and the launch of many prestigious perfumes over the years.

  • Project requirements

    As a manufacturer of private label fragrances, M.L.G. can cover the entire process of the perfume development: from research and design of the fragrance to the development and assembly of the packaging.

    Differently, the partnership with BOIS consists on covering part of the perfume project and taking care of the filling and packaging of the precious liquids.

    The sandblasted, handcrafted perfume bottles created by artisan glassmakers, the caps made from precious wood or zamak featuring the imprinted logo, the packaging embellished by elegant embossed gold printings and other decorative elements.

Our solution: maintain the artisanship and uniqueness of luxury niche perfumes

M.L.G. covers the assembly and packaging of all 32 fragrances, combining craftsmanship with the use of top-notch perfume bottle filling machines.

Luxury niche perfumes assembled with such extraordinary care are the conclusive part of the art of perfume making and faithfully reflect the image of luxury and uniqueness that BOIS fragrances represent worldwide.

The relaunch of the ‘Profumo di Firenze’ brandLuxury niche perfume Bois2

M.L.G. is also proudly involved with the relaunch of the ‘Profumo di Firenze’ brand.

A total of seven fragrances – Eau de Parfums – which invoke the strong connection of Florence to the art of perfumery.

A carefully chosen collection inspired by unique essences – not monochromatic fragrances but rich and captivating scents, expressing different notes: Odori, Fico, Zafferano, Cuoio, Iris, Spigo, and Buontalenti, all in elegant and classic bottles, which reveal the secrets and flavors of the city of Florence. These precious scents are assembled and packaged with expertise and attentive care for detail by M.L.G.

Olfattology Luxury niche perfume Bois


Olfattology pays homage to the vital force of water, individuating in its incessant, energetic and mystical flow a metaphor of our lives, able to strongly go beyond unexpected obstacles. Smell is like water, free fleeting entities, hard to stem.
An exclusive collection, seven Extrait de Parfum dedicated to unforgettable rivers, evocative waterfalls and lakes. Fragrances which involve the soul, olfactory memories imbued with emotions.

Luxury niche perfume production

M.L.G. manufactures private label perfumes for numerous international high-end cosmetics and fragrance brands.

We can offer a turn-key full service or become a contract manufacturer to your unique perfume project.

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