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M.L.G. | Premium turnkey private label fragrance manufacturer

We are an independent, private label fragrance manufacturer with headquarters close to Bologna, Italy. What we offer to our business clients is a full-service private label premium fragrance development, starting from the perfume creation to product design and efficient marketing.

Our turnkey service includes:

  • selection or designing of perfume bottles, caps, spray pumps and components
  • perfume production and quality testing
  • labeling and packaging

In addition, we advise on:

  • perfume registration, fulfillment of shipment and export requirements
    Knowledge of these aspects is fundamental since perfume can be difficult to handle, fragrances are highly inflammable substances and are subject to severe restrictions when it comes to export procedures.

50 year’s experience and a committed outstanding team

We make it our duty to understand which scent will best suit your brand. Counting on more than 50 year’s experience as private label fragrance manufacturer we can guide you through the complex process of developing a unique custom perfume.
Each new project relies on a dedicated team with a Project Manager, our Master Perfumer, Purchasing Experts, Marketing, Logistics, and Export Specialists. Our in-house research department, that follows up carefully new fragrance trends and packaging designs, works closely with the team.
We have created thousands of unique fragrances for all kinds of industries, including luxury perfume brands, celebrities, stylists, fashion, retail, housewares, furnishing, automotive, luxury hotels, resorts, yachts, real estate.
We pride ourselves as a premium partner in the private label fragrance manufacturing.

Extraordinary ingredients and quality control

The purchasing and quality department cover a fundamental role in our company. It is thanks to the high-quality raw materials that our fragrances have long-lasting and exquisite characteristics.
Our suppliers are all hand-picked and have to undergo a severe selection process before being chosen. We constantly control the perfumes during the whole development process to make sure we create the best possible product.

Fully equipped perfume production site & manufacturing outsourcing on-demand

Our internal fragrance production process is carefully monitored and M.L.G.’s management has substantially invested in modern machinery over the years. We want to have full control of our custom-made manufacturing process and be able to accommodate any requirement you may have. Our operations include fragrance maceration, blending, aging process, bottle filling, packaging, labeling and heat sealing to finish your fragrance with the highest quality cellophane for a high-standard retail packaging.

In addition, as a fully equipped private label fragrance manufacturer, we can offer you the possibility to cover only part of the manufacturing process such as bottle filling and packaging.
Contact us for an offer tailored to your needs.

For a free consultation on your fragrance project don’t hesitate to call us and check out the FAQ: here you will find minimum quantity requirements, the time frame for creating a new scent and more.

The nose

The success of a fragrance strongly depends on the skills of the Master Perfumer and their capacity to craft unique fragrances. In M.L.G. Luca Gritti is our “nose” and supervises all new fragrance projects, he develops the custom-made scents and coordinates the team of marketing.

Thanks to many years of experience and a fine sense of smell, Luca is able to distinguish hundreds of olfactory ingredients and is capable to formulate unique fragrances which fulfill the highest requirements and desires.

What makes Luca really special to our company and clients is the passion for his work. Perfumes to him are not only pleasant chemical elements suspended in alcohol. As a top-level perfumer, fragrances represent to him an olfactive experience that stimulates people’s emotions and perceptions.

Discover the History of Perfume in Italy

Did you know that perfume manufacturing, as we know it today, has its origin in Italy? 600 years ago, a young noble woman from Florence and her personal perfumer Renato Bianco (who later became René le Florentin in France) introduced the world of fragrances and their seductive power to the French court. Read more about this compelling story here.

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