M.L.G. has its own fragrance factory with headquarters and laboratories in Calderara di Reno, only 10 min from Bologna (Italy). We cover every step of the fragrance and perfume production process from the olfactive strategy to design and final product.

It is our passion to help companies develop their own distinct premium fragrance and compliment their business with a sensory voyage that has a lasting impression on their customers. We can offer a full turnkey service start to finish or work with you as a perfume contract manufacturer covering part of the production process like bottle filling or packaging. Either way, M.L.G has got you covered in a most efficient and memorable way.

Personal premium fragrance

We are specialized in the development of private label premium and niche-brand perfumes. The creation of unique fragrances requires a thorough understanding of the competitive landscape, actively following-up on olfactive trends and technical knowledge. However, our intuition and creativity remain our best allies when it comes to creating memorable perfumes.

Home fragrance

Exquisite home fragrances are used in multiple locations: homes, boutiques, stores, hotels, spa etc. Ambient fragrances will contribute to making your customers feel inspired and at ease, traveling back to the feelings they first developed when they were first introduced to your brand, instantly reconnecting with your brand. Make a great first impression with M.L.G.

Scented candles

The team at M.L.G create luxury candles and modern home fragrance candles with rich blends, finest oils and wax and high-quality wicks. We produce and customize beautiful scented candles, tailored specifically to your fragrance needs, guide you through the process of finding the most compelling fragrance for your brand.

Traditional craftsmanship

We pride ourselves on artisan craft and tradition and work closely with our suppliers on selecting and manufacturing artistic bottles, caps, and packaging which can all be customized to suit your taste. We fill your perfume bottles, label and pack them singularly, wrap them with heat-sealed high-quality cellophane to conclude a start to finish service.

Exceptional raw materials and constant quality checks

M.L.G. Is extremely selective and only works with supreme raw materials. Indeed, it is the quality of the ingredients that determine the longevity and shelf life of our premium fragrances. We carefully select our suppliers and use high quality aromas, pure essential oils and premium perfume alcohol.

Quality check starts with the assessment of the ingredients and it has to exceed expectations throughout each step of fragrance production process: mixing and blending, maceration, bottle filling and packaging.

Modern perfume machinery and operation systems

Our most profitable investments are in quality machinery and the professional development of our personnel. We have full control of the production process thanks to our complete machinery equipment: cooling, press and filtration systems | shampoo & shower soap packaging systems | bottle filling | cramping and capping machines | packaging and label machines | cellophane wrapping machines.

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