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Italian premium turnkey provider for private fragrance manufacturer

M.L.G. is market leader for the creation of custom-made niche & premium perfumes in Italy. Our turnkey service for perfume manufacturing is designed to guide you through the challenging process of crafting the fragrance that best represents your product or service. A dedicated team together with a Project Manager, Packaging Designer, and the Master Perfumer, will be at your side from start to finish to develop a personal scent strategy which reflects your brand and your customers.
Moreover, M.L.G.’s production site is fully equipped with state-of-the-art machinery to ensure utmost flexibility and high-quality standards.

Our clients include celebrities, fashion designers, retailers, home decorators, and of course anyone who wants to create their own fragrance. To us, our clients are unique and so are their projects and their fragrances.

You can also outsource to our company only part of a full-service package like fragrance creation, perfume brand marketing, bottling, and labeling.

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R & D

Perfume design

Customization of bottles, caps & packaging


Marketing support

Regulatory & Export logistics assistance

  • R & D

    Our research & development department constantly monitors the fragrance trends worldwide. It is only fair that markets in different parts of the world have different preferences which is why the growing fragrance business in Asia and Middle East have their own local tendencies as consumer behaviour and product preferences can differ greatly based on local culture. We will indicate you the flavours and fragrances that your customer base prefers and match them with your brand history and message.

  • Perfume design

    Inspired by your ideas and brand history, our perfumer Luca Gritti will personally craft a scent that represents your brand to your clients and leaves a longstanding and memorable impression. Olfactive memory is as important as other senses when it comes to creating and promoting your brand identity.

  • Customization of bottles, caps & packaging

    Bottle, cap and packaging design of a premium fragrance are as important as the perfume itself and establish the first connection with a consumer.
    M.L.G. will assist you in choosing from thousands of packaging ideas and designs and in finding the perfect combination to tell your brand story. Our selected local artisans and their know-how assist us in finalising your unique packaging solutions.

  • Manufacturing

    All fragrances are produced on site where our highly experienced staff takes care of all operative steps from start to finish.
    At M.L.G. you have the perfect combination of artisan craftsmanship and advanced technological machinery. When required, we attach adornments and labels by hand and finally individually pack the perfumes in their precious boxes. You can find more information on our manufacturing site here.

  • Marketing support

    Our team has first-hand experience in the marketing when it comes to fragrances and perfume. We are glad to share our knowledge regarding POS, business-to-business or business-to-customer communication and successful sales channels. Whether the new scent serves as a different approach to an already existing brand or it represents a new idea or product line altogether, we have a marketing strategy for you.

  • Regulatory & Export logistics assistance

    Keep in mind that fragrances degrade if they are improperly stored. In addition, they have inflammable ingredients and require the compliance of safety precautions for transport and storing.
    M.L.G. will advise you on storing and regulatory questions, including the Product Information File (PIF), which is mandatory technical documentation necessary to sell fragrances on the EU market.
    Furthermore, our logistics department is knowledgeable to the international shipping laws which change from country to country.

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